Backflow Testing College Station

It is really difficult to miss a backflow plumbing problem.

If your plumbing’s water is not draining, or worse — flowing in the opposite direction, then you’ve got a backflow problem. And this sort of issue isn’t just an inconvenience — it can pose a serious health risk. For instance, it can result in toxic water contaminating your safe drinking water.

Backflow problems can encourage bacteria growth and noxious odors.

There are two ways that backflow can happen: back pressure and back siphonage. When the pressure in the system is increased above the pressure in its supply, back pressure can cause a backflow of water. Alternatively, back siphonage occurs when the pressure in the water supply is lowered below the pressure in the system. Keeping an eye on changes in the water pressure of your home appliances can help identify backflow problems.

JBG handles these sorts of emergencies every day. We know the signs and the best way to remedy problems. There are a variety of ways to solve these problems and we will quickly recommend the best approach given the unique requirements of your home or commercial space.

A backflow issue should not be ignored. Avoid significant damage by giving JBG a call when you first notice a problem on your property.